Store all of your documents online with Google Drive

Our method of adding documents to your website is based on Google Drive integration for seamless document uploads.

We've spent hours simplifying the methods available to make document uploads as easy as possible. With Google Drive we've found the solution.


Dropbox is an online storage solution that allows documents to be securely uploaded to a password protected account. The free account provides enough storage for most people and most parishes. 


We have worked with a solution that allows Dropbox to completely integrate with your website, meaning documents that are uploaded into your Dropbox account can sync straight through to your website.

We promote Google Drive and Dropbox for this purpose as they both create upload folders on your computer that allow for document uploads. Just save a document into a folder within your Google Drive and within seconds it will be on your website.


Google Drive is a super simple way of adding the required documents to your Parish Council website. No stress, no login problems and no fuss! An easy solution to a problem that has plagued Parish Councils for years.